Top best destination in Indonesia

Which top best destination in Indonesia that you should visit when you holiday? In Indonesia, you can see a lot of cultural diversity, greenery scenery, historical heritage and panoramic beauty. You can learn about their traditional culture and explore the virgin island. Here are the best destinations you need to list in your itinerary when […]

7 Must-Visit Beautiful Places of Singapore

Singapore might be a small country when we look at its area but there are many beautiful places of Singapore. The beauty and history in the country will make you tempted. And here we have a list of beautiful places you should visit when you spend the holiday in Singapore. #1 Henderson Waves Henderson Wave […]

When Should You Visit Indonesia?

As a tropical country that lies on the equator, Indonesia is always a cordial place to visit all year long. You don’t have to worry about blizzard, heat stroke, and other climate-related problems that you have to deal with when visiting countries in the more extreme parts of the earth. There are only two seasons: […]